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Welcome To The Youth Inclusion Program

The Youth Inclusion Program provides neighbourhood based and individualized programming created to fit the needs of youth ages 12 to 24. Our goal is to create a safe and positive environment for youth to reach out for extra support when needed.


About the program

Youth Inclusion Program (YIP) is a crime-prevention program that aims to proactively increase protective factors and address risk factors for crime and victimization, and connect youth to programming and services to help keep them safe

Group Programming

The Youth Inclusion Program offers neighbourhood based drop in programming for ages 12 to 24. Group programming is based on consultation from young people within each neighbourhood and can include anything from life skills, art, recreation activities, to community outings.

Youth Navigators

Once a trusting relationship is established, our Youth Navigator works with each youth to identify their strengths and develop Case Management Goals. These goals are individualized personal development goals; related to employment, housing, well-being, education, skill and leadership development, mental health and pro-social cultural and recreation opportunities, and so on.

Upcoming Events.

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